Dedicated to over 150 year history and heroes of the 
Toledo Fire Division

Saving a Life

Conveniently located five minutes from downtown Toledo.
Toledo Firefighters Museum
918 Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, OH  43612
(419) 478-FIRE (3473)

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Here's to the firefighters, one and all
Always at your beck and call
Vigilant and unafraid
Volunteer or city paid

Solentific men are these
Fighting fires or a dread disease
Challenging a flaming hell
At the ringing of the bell

Unknown heroes clad in blue
They give up their lives just for you
Pray for them as they go past
As every ride may be their last

By: Nick Kenny

T.F.D Homepage

The T.F.D. has been protecting the lives and 
property of Toledoans since 1837.  It has evolved from
a volunteer "bucket Brigade" into a highly-trained
workforce schooled in the most current methods of
modern-day fire fighting and life-saving 
technology. Authorized strength is 525 
firefighters. They are responsible for 
protecting Toledo's 333,000 residents 
living throughout an 84 square mile area.

Old Fashioned Training

The Toledo Fire/Police Alarm Office - Report from 1937

Founded in 1976 for the purpose of preserving the history of the
Toledo Fire Division and educating citizens about fire prevention
and safety.  In memory of fallen firefighters, the two-story museum
is located in a working fire station, "Old Number 18 Fire House",
circa 1920, which was replaced by a new station in 1975.

Old #18 Fire House

The museum's million dollar display includes many large pieces
of vintage fire fighting equipment.  The centerpiece of the museum
is the 1837 "Neptune", Toledo's first fire pumper.  Lovingly restored
by Toledo Firefighters, the hand-pulled, hand-operated Neptune
required a 20-man crew and could deliver about 300 gallons
of water per minute.

Other major fire equipment includes:

1927 American-LaFrance pumper
1929 Pirsch pumper
1936 Schacht service ladder truck
Horse Drawn Steamer
1969 Willy's Fire Jeep NEW

Steam Pumper No. 2

Photos of some items at the Toledo Firefighters Museum

Old Alarm Office
Firehouse Gongs
Models of old rigs
Speaking Trumpet & Helmet
Museum Study/Research Ctr.
Fire Marks/Old Equipment
TFM Stained Glass Window

The Firefighting "Ladies"

Ornate speaking trumpets, sweat sticks used to sweep lather
from the horses, fire gongs, bells, badges, buckets and...

Hundreds of antique fire toys
Watchman's desk and tape register
Vintage uniforms
Command officers room
Toledo area memorabilia
Firefighters sleeping quarters

 Old #16's Firehouse

Over one-hundred fifty years of Toledo fire fighting history 
can be found on the second floor of the museum.  An 
extensive collection of scrapbooks, reference materials 
and Toledo Fire Division journals dating back to the 
1800's is housed in the museum's library.

Hundreds of photographs of notable fires and Fire Division 
history can be found throughout the museum.

In addition, the chronological history of the T.F.D. 
is displayed on the first floor of the museum.

This turn of the century display was made possible through 
the combined efforts of area businesses, local labor 
organizations and the City of Toledo.

Click HERE for a report (Spring, 1985) 
on the Toledo Firefighters Museum
from the Ohio Professional Fire Fighter

Wayne Trail Gasoline Tanker Fire

Located near the second floor library is the safety 
and learning center that was once the firefighters 
sleeping quarters. "Jed's Bedroom" and 
"Fireman Freddy's Fire Station" were constructed 
to allow children to actually role play situations 
they might encounter in their home.

Under the trained supervision of the Fire Prevention 
Bureau, children are taught how to roll out of bed,
keep low in case of smoke, and feel the door for heat 
with the back of their hand. Families are encouraged 
to plan escape routes from their homes, designate a 
common meeting place, and test smoke 
detectors regularly.

The Man Who Created Fireman Freddy
Home Fire Escape Drill - Escape Plan and
Practicing your Plan
Home Fire Escape Tips
The Thank-You Board - from children who visited TFM


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for history of

The Toledo Firefighter's Museum, Inc., a non-profit 
organization, was founded in 1976, as part of the
City of Toledo's celebration of 
America's Bicentennial.

The museum's first display was located in the 
Museum of Science in the Toledo Zoo. 
As the collection grew, it became evident 
that larger facilities were needed. 
"Old Number 18 Fire House" seemed the perfect 
home to display this collection.

"Neptune" built in 1837

Click here for information on becoming a Lifetime Member of the  Toledo Firefighters Museum.

If you have items in your attic, basement, garage, etc., consider donating them to the museum so everyone can enjoy seeing them. Items can also be loaned to the museum, if you wish. 
We also have fund donations set up including the Stamp Fund to help us pay newsletter mail costs, and the Coloring Book Fund.
Contact us for further information (419-478-3473)
or us.
We are a 501c3 charitable organization and all donations
are tax deductible for those who itemize.

Summer:  Saturday 12-4 pm
Winter:    Saturday 12-4 pm
Group Tours
Also available weekdays or
evenings by appointment
Always Free!
All public areas handicapped
For more Info...
(419) 478-FIRE

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The Ultimate Sacrifice
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Five Chiefs Reminiscing -
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fighting in Toledo

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